Dec. 30th, 2012

ablution: (COMPREHENDO.)
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[ She was out in the cold a short while ago; the snow has melted from her person, but Vera still hasn't removed her coat, or her hat. In fact, as she sits in an armchair placed conveniently next to an open fire, the only item of clothing she has removed so far are her gloves, and her fingers aren't too thankful for it. Red with cold, they clasp tightly onto a steaming mug of soup, which functions better as a handwarmer than any meal. With her hands occupied, two magazines lie open on her lap — it's hard to tell if she's more interested in the copy of Vogue, or the academic journal open on an article about the use of magic in weapons development. She's frowning at both, how about that.

And then sneezing. Which isn't so surprising as much as it is horribly inconvenient. Lo, there is soup on everything. ...Or just her hands and the magazines.

Well, this is just— [ Sniff. ] —ridiculous.