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[He's been in a fight; a cut mars one cheek, blood dripping heedlessly onto his sharply tailored suit - also somewhat the worse for wear, what with the singe marks and the rent in one sleeve.]

I need a drink.
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[he carries a large cardboard box, the top piled high with stuffed folders, through a door, muttering to himself.]

Next they'll want my head on a platter - this is not my office!
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[Enter one irritated vampire, the source of the irritation being the cellphone in his hand.]

Since when am I responsible for this shit?

[The phone buzzes again, making him scowl harder.]

Fuck this.
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[Remus is surrounded by books that are floating in mid-air, tool kits, engine parts, rags, and a motorcycle frame with only the front wheel and seat on (who knows where the handlebars got to). The said engine parts - and, consequently, Remus, from his rolled up sleeves to the matted parts of his hair - are unfortunately quite greasy and filthy, which is precisely why those books are floating. He rubs at his cheek with one of his wrists as he frowns at one of the pages floating nearest him, then holds up what looks like part of a transmission.]

... Hmm.
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[When Greg first walks in-- through a door he'd thought opened to somewhere else-- he spends a good ten minutes testing the room, just walking around and exploring the boundaries, poking his head through any doors he can open. It might be a training exercise, it might be a dream, or it might be real-- but like hell he's going to be caught unprepared in a new situation. In the same vein, he eases back his control over his empathic abilities just a little, and anyone who's sensitive to that sort of thing might feel his presence very faintly. He's not here to read anyone's mind; that's not worth the kind of trouble he'd get into if this turned out not to be a training exercise. He's just skimming for the most prominent emotions in the room, turning up the volume on the usual buzz in his head.]

So, hypothetically, yeah? [And he's well aware people only say that when the situation in question is rather less hypothetical than they'd like it to be, but beggars can't be choosers, and such. The question he's about to ask is a bit of a giveaway, anyhow.]

How much of what goes on in here do you think someone with psychic powers could see? You know, from the outside.
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Alice is standing in the darkened gym alone. She's testing her body back out reluctantly, waiting to see if it happens again like before.
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Just kinda wondering I guess, but... What'd you guys do if the world ended tomorrow? [Someone sure has the Apocalypse on their mind.]
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[Have one lost Death Dealer running down the alleyway after something.

Are you the one being chased or are you following her?]
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[His intent was laundry, which is the reason behind the washer and dryer and basket.

Of course, sometimes the application of magic doesn't quite go the way one intends, particularly not when one is pretty damn tired.

So... there's a shirtless Sirius, barefoot, asleep on top of a washing machine as rising suds darken the denim of his dirty jeans.

Help is appreciated, mind you don't slip.]
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[There's not much to tell about the girl leaning against a wall as if waiting for someone, a thick criminology textbook craddled in her arms. She's prepared this time, sweeping the room with a quick glance every once and awhile. It's staged just so to give the impression of patience, but she's clearly on edge. Whatever she's waiting for, she doesn't seem to be looking forward to it.]
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[A man is backing into the room, a crossbow out and ready to shoot at a second's notice - so better not to creep up on him. Thinking he hears a noise, he whirls around, confused.]

What...? Where the hell am I?
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[A girl enters through a door, a trio of books in one hand and papers sliding up from her other arm. She notices right away she's not where she supposed to be, and whirls to grab the door. Too late, it's shut. She carefully sets everything down, and gives the handle a hard tug. It doesn't move. She repeats the process with the same results.]

Wait until your door comes back, they said. That sounded so easy.
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There is a globe sitting in front of Loki, who is lounging cross-legged against a wall, idling spinning the globe before him. Despite the casual air, his eyes are intent on it, and every once in a while he reaches to stop the orb from turning. His finger always stops at New Mexico.

Dozens of books lie scattered around him, all in different languages. One or two of them seem unbearably old, more in place under a glass case in a museum than lying carelessly on the floor, even the floor of a pan-dimensional room. The Norns knew where he retrieved them from.

Presently he picks a scroll up to read. Hardly an inviting scenario,but it's unlikely he will chase a curious passer away.
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[ a juvenile goat runs in through one of the doors, stops, glances around, and then begins hopping around merrily, for all the world looking as mischievous as a goat is capable of. when the door opens, it scrambles behind a chair, wedging itself between that and the wall, but it gets stuck halfway so its butt is sticking out. when it realises it's stuck, it starts bleating pitifully.

it's followed a few minutes later by a very tall, skinny blonde who promptly sees it and makes an exasperated sound. ]
There you are, you little - fuck's sake, I've been looking everywhere foOH FUCK.

[ said exclamation comes when he turns and notices he's not where he's supposed to be, he is, in fact, here. again. surprise! ]

Uh... shit. Uh, sorry. Well. Uh.

[ he glances behind him - door's closed. of course. now this is awkward. ... also somebody has. had a few glasses of wine. hello. ]
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[Here's a question for the room.

What do you do when, after living for centuries in a literal paradise, one well-intended yet unfathomably stupid mistake ruins everything and leaves you stranded for the foreseeable future?

One answer, albeit not the best one, is you find your nearest supernatural-friendly nexus and curl up into a lump of misery and bewilderment until you either tire of it, or a better idea presents itself.

Which is what Arias is doing right now.

Behold: One young man moping something terrific on a couch on the far side of the room, his shoulders slumped and limbs sprawled carelessly out. The drama of the scene is somewhat ruined, however, by the small collection of affectionate animals clustered Snow White-style around the young man's couch, ankles and hands. He largely doesn't seem to want to acknowledge them, but every now and then acquiesces and gives a nearby furry head a halfhearted pat.]
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( Hepsabah is sitting on a red velvet sofa, fidgeting with a dark grey stone, hands clasped above her knees and leaning forward - not caring how terrible her posture is. On the table in front of her is a bottle of red wine, a half-empty glass, and a pencil and piece of paper, the latter of which is covered in a few crude sketches of what looks like jewelry design. She taps her index finger against the stone, makes a small, frustrated noise, and finally looks up to address whoever is closest to her. )

Which do you prefer, gold or silver?

( It is not, actually, the decision that's troubling her the most, it's just the easiest to focus on. )
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Is there a point where forging your own path becomes outright rebellion? And if so, is there a way to avoid the latter label?

[The silver fox at her feet gives her a Look - but it's unlikely anyone else can see him.]
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[Oh! Such a strange and beautiful place she's found herself in. Your world.

Standing outside, the cloaked figure looks around. What sights! They would be wasted alone. Her language's writing is much different than yours (less used for communication than for identification), but somehow she can understand. Writing, however, is a bit of a chore without hands. Or arms. Spelled out by scurrying around in the dirt, the ground below her stick feet reads, in sloppy, childlike letters:]


[She sits down slowly next to her message and waits, her unblinking silver eyes patiently watching the passersby.]
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[ Oh, hey, hope you weren't doing anything special with that patch of floor, because it definitely just became a trapdoor. It pops open by just a sliver-- just enough so Yuuki can determine that he's not in immediate danger-- and then he opens it fully and rests his forearms on the ground (no, of course he's not secretly taking advantage of the chance to catch his breath, how could you even think that) while he stares up into the room and addresses the ceiling. ]

I thought we were done with that thing where I get pulled out during an exam. I swear it's like you don't want me to pass.

[ He hauls himself out onto the floor with a sort of tired fluidity and sits at the edge, his legs dangling into the space below. He's sweaty and more than a bit grimy and wow this is awkward-- ]

So, um. Hi, everyone. I miss anything fun?
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All I want is one day without something horrifying trying to invade or devour large sections of the British Isles. Or at least one day where that's not my problem. Is that too much to ask?