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[ It might not be the most familiar place to her, but Aurelie has no trouble making herself at home here, or at least pretending to do so. She's curled up in a large, squishy armchair, with a thermos nestled in the other corner of the armchair and a book resting across her knees. It's a rather hefty volume, and it's been open to the same page for quite a while.

Not that she's reading, exactly, so much as looking around.

She clears her throat significantly. ]

How-- [ She swallows down the end of the word. Second thoughts. There's no way to phrase this without sounding suspicious, is there?

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. ]
How would you go about getting a secret out of someone?
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[ It's not the first time he's had this particular sharp object out in public, but it's not unsheathed, and he doesn't look like he intends to use it or anything.

He's just sitting there, staring off into space, and gently running his fingers over it. ]
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Ever reach the point where sex just feels repetitive and borin'?
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You ever wake up one day like super shocked you're still alive?

More or less.
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[he said he'd be back in the morning, but time being what it is between two different continents, he can make a little detour.

this is where they bumped into each other the first time. it seemed logical enough that the same could happen again. so he picks out a spot for watching the traffic, and lights up a cigarette in the meantime.]
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[He's dangling a black ring from a chain around his neck, spinning it between his fingers.]

Fuck, I still don't know which finger to wear it on.
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Guess who's back, bitches.
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So everybody's right and I'm wrong. I'm Wasting My Life. Woohoo. My dad was right all along and... whatever. So what.

This is not my bathroom. Hi.
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Fuck vampires, seriously.

[A newcomer here, rubbing at a bloody hole in his neck and looking around, perplexed.]

Okay, so, not in Kansas anymore.
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[There's a spray of pink sparks and suddenly a man is standing there as if he'd just teleported. He's dressed in medical scrubs, a labcoat and weird swirly x-ray goggles.]

Aha! I found it, didn't I! The multiverse nexus!!
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[ there's a blanket fort taking up one corner of the room - one out of many corners, since it's not unusual for it to have more than four, somehow. various bits of furniture have been pushed around it to drape blankets off of and it's very dark except a dim light barely shining through the draped sheets.

a tiny vampire is inside, rearranging piles of bones with his fingers and teeth. after a minute, a tiny hand reaches out and hangs some of them from a hook. they're bent into unnatural shapes, spelling out 'TOP SECRET !! KEEP OUT !!!'

... at least they look too small to be human. probably raccoon or something. ]
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[Enter one young man, carrying a a folding table and a carefully lettered cardboard sign. He sets them both up slowly, then waits calmly]

Kimmi Wallace, Problem Solver
Will tackle or Advice on Any Problem
Prices Vary
(money back if problem not resolved!)

[Well, that looks legit and not suspicious at all! Why don't you give it a try?]
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[HEY NICE FLOOR mind if Henry bleeds on it? No? Awesome. It's just a nosebleed and a split lip, which goes nicely with his black eye.]

Oh, hey, this... is not the bathroom. Uh. Anybody got tissues?
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[There's music playing. On an old-fashioned gramophone too, just to set the mood. In the middle of the room, Armand dances alone, a clean-limbed, red-haired boy of seventeen remembering the steps to a waltz, shoes clicking on a polished wooden floor.]

... This is pointless without a partner. Where have all the dancers gone?
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[If there is something to lounge on, no matter how improbable, Harvestman will find a way to do it. This time it is a ripped up lawnchair, looking like someone dragged it from the trash to deposit it here for effect. This is more or less what happened.

He's got his hands under his head and a cigarette in his mouth - it would be more impressive if it were lit, but we can't have everything, can we? When he speaks, it's in a slow, lazy draw that betrays its origins from the US South.]

Why the hell are folks so attached to monogamy? Shit ain't even biological.
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[ It takes him a few minutes to maneuver the cheap, wobbly card table through the door; he's thin and wobbly looking himself, all awkward-jaunty teenager angles, and maybe a bit sick, besides. Hollow eyes, pasty skin. He'd look right at home in a 19th century tuberculosis ward, though he is not in fact coughing or anything.

Once he's got the table set up, the Boy tapes his cardboard sign to the edge:


At which point he seats himself on a stool behind the table, a slouching and patient figure in a blue hoodie, black peacoat, jeans, and red sneakers. A single deck lies on the table, face down, the patterned backs evincing some sign of wear. ]
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[ She was out in the cold a short while ago; the snow has melted from her person, but Vera still hasn't removed her coat, or her hat. In fact, as she sits in an armchair placed conveniently next to an open fire, the only item of clothing she has removed so far are her gloves, and her fingers aren't too thankful for it. Red with cold, they clasp tightly onto a steaming mug of soup, which functions better as a handwarmer than any meal. With her hands occupied, two magazines lie open on her lap — it's hard to tell if she's more interested in the copy of Vogue, or the academic journal open on an article about the use of magic in weapons development. She's frowning at both, how about that.

And then sneezing. Which isn't so surprising as much as it is horribly inconvenient. Lo, there is soup on everything. ...Or just her hands and the magazines.

Well, this is just— [ Sniff. ] —ridiculous.
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Is this holiday fucking over yet?
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If you can do something that other people think is bad, does that mean you're a bad person? Even if you never, ever use it to hurt people?

['Cause Kai doesn't like hurting people. He doesn't even like seeing them be sad.]
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What does everybody have against sparkly vampires anyway?